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Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Holi !

Went to a Holi event in Sentosa. Holi is an event to celebrate the end of the winter and welcome spring with lots of colours! 

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Tired but GOOD! よい疲れ!

Usually, after I come back from work, I try not to do much because I don't want to be tired.
But it was becoming boring. Every day I come home from work, watch TV or sit around, and sleep.

So today I decided to make dumplings from scratch !
Mixed 2 cups of flour with 150cc of hot water to make a dough and actually made the skin :)

After I made 30 dumplings I was quite tired, but it made me feel because I felt like I have accomplished something.

So I realised that it is actually GREAT to do something you like, after work. It might make me tired, but it is a "good" tired which makes me feel better! Just like exercising!!!



Friday, February 21, 2014

Sshimona Kee 音楽に満たされた日

Last night I had a Sophia University party at Sauce Bar in Esplanade Mall. On the way there I heard this wonderful, feel-good live music.
After that the music kept on playing in my head and I could not stop thinking about it the whole day today. 
I googled and found out that luckily they are having another concert today! So I had to go!! :)

【Shimona Kee】

生の音楽を聞くと、その世界に引き込まれて夢の中にいるような気分になる。今オンラインビジネスを始めようと考えているし、ブログも大好きだけどLive Musicのように直接肌で感じること、face-to-faceのコミュニケーションをもっと大切にしようと思った。

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pretty In Pink 桜の気分

Miss Dior 
"Chanel pink caviar leather wallet on a chain" 

I don't know why but lately I am attracted to girly & feminine things. I was always aiming for "cool" & "stylish" fashion but this year I want to have more "pretty" things and be more feminine. 
What do you all feel like? :)

This made me think that when I have the online store, I would like to have seasonal collections so that people can change their mood in the house, according to the seasons. 

女の子らしいものに惹かれています:) なんだか新しい自分を発見出来そう!


Monday, February 17, 2014

Beautiful Hair Secret 美髪のヒミツ

Lately I feel that having beautiful hair is important :)
When doing business, you have to give people good impressions, and a part of it can be your beautiful hair. It boosts your confidence too!

I realised when I went to India that Indian women have beautiful, silky hair. Of course it is partly genetic, but they told me about their beautify hair secret : Oiling

They oil their hair once a week!
So here is how to oil your hair :

Get coconut oil. This brand is the most popular in India. I found this in a small store in Singapore, it was SGD 1.20!

Take the oil in your hand, warm it up a little bit, then rub it in your hair. Leave it for 30min-50min, and wash.

If you cannot find the coconut oil so easily, you can also use Olive Oil, with a squeezed lemon :)
Let's grow healthy hair like Karina Kapoor!!


Wishes on the balloon! 願いを紙風船にのせて。

Last year, on the same day my husband and I saw people flying the paper balloons and wanted to try it sometime. Coincidently we passed by the people who were flying them this year! Then they gave us one for us to try. We wrote the wishes for happiness in the Bhatias and the Ikegamis :-)
The family who let us fly the balloon told us to come back on the same day next year at 8 PM. Felt so blessed  :) 

Dreams come true!

I had lunch with my colleague today at a middle-eastern restaurant in Raffle’s Place. (It was delicious but the way)
She told me about how she got to where she is in life, and what her dreams are. One of her dreams is to live in Hawaii and surf. She does not have a green card and she lives in Singapore with a family, so at this point it might seem so far away from reality. But even then she was not afraid to speak up her dream! I love people who have dreams, and I believe that the dreams can come true when you don’t give up on them. 
Lately I have been trying to collect dreams ; tiny ones, medium-sized ones, and big ones. One of them is to get at least 100 followers on this blog and to get “Like”s and comments every time I post something.  Right now this blog has 0 viewers, but I will not give up, because I really do believe that the dreams come true! 


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