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Friday, February 7, 2014

Shoot for the moon!

When I was in high school, my friend's mom told me this quote which later became my motto for a while:  "Shoot for the moon!, even if you miss, you will still fall among the stars."

I used to be a fearless girl- as if I was living this quote. I auditioned for MTV and performed singing/piano in front of judges, went to Quebec for 3 months spontaneously without knowing any French except for "Bon Jour!", going to job interviews with my hair dyed to blonde, and the list goes on....

Looking back, I became more subdued after I started working for this Japanese trading company, which is stable, pays well and is "good enough". I would not say I do not enjoy it. Actually, it might be one of the jobs in Japan which "a million girls would kill for"(from Devil Wears Prada... my favorite movie by the way). 

But recently, I feel like it is time that I look deeper within my heart. Of course it does not mean that I suddenly quit my job and start doing crazy things out of the blue. It is not only that easy but also not realistic( I am a married, 29-year old woman). But now I am ready to take action to prepare for my journey toward the moon, and be more myself again. 

The problem is, I just know that working for my current company is not what I want to be doing for the next 5 or 10 years, and do not know what I should do instead. So I want to write on this blog about how I will find what I could do, and how I will make it happen. 
I hope that in the future, people who want to do something else in life can look at my blog posts and learn from my experiences. 

Bon Voyage! to myself and to future readers :-) 

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  1. Korean's Kotowaza says. Starting is Halfway which tells two things.( I think :)
    1. starting is dificulte 2. but you once start, it is aready done a lot .
    You will find your way. Good Luck !!!

    xoxo Y



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