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Monday, February 17, 2014

Beautiful Hair Secret 美髪のヒミツ

Lately I feel that having beautiful hair is important :)
When doing business, you have to give people good impressions, and a part of it can be your beautiful hair. It boosts your confidence too!

I realised when I went to India that Indian women have beautiful, silky hair. Of course it is partly genetic, but they told me about their beautify hair secret : Oiling

They oil their hair once a week!
So here is how to oil your hair :

Get coconut oil. This brand is the most popular in India. I found this in a small store in Singapore, it was SGD 1.20!

Take the oil in your hand, warm it up a little bit, then rub it in your hair. Leave it for 30min-50min, and wash.

If you cannot find the coconut oil so easily, you can also use Olive Oil, with a squeezed lemon :)
Let's grow healthy hair like Karina Kapoor!!


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  1. Me too, I want beautiful hair but my hair never shine: )



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